Internacional Congress ANEIS ’18

[ Português ]


17, 18 and 19 May 2018
Museu D. Diogo de Sousa (Braga – Portugal)

GoalsProgram and Summary bookTarget AudienceThematic AreasKeynote SpeakersCommunication ProposalsDates and RegistrationAccommodationOrganizing CommitteeScientific CommitteePartnersImage and Documents
  • To promote exchange between researchers and professionals of Education and Psychology
  • To present and debate results of research projects and of educational interventions
  • To deepen multidisciplinary approaches in Educational Sciences
  • To contribute for the improvement of the formal and informal education system, and for the professional development of its different agents


Summary book

Educators and teachers of all levels of education, parents, psychologists, academics, researchers, professionals and students of the various areas of Education Sciences, Psychology, Nursing and Medicine.

  • Learning and academic performance
  • Psychological evaluation and forms of identification
  • Recent advances in neurosciences and genetics
  • Creativity
  • Psychosocial development
  • Twice-exceptionality
  • Excellence (sport, arts, music, research)
  • Family, school and community
  • Training and professional development
  • Educational measures and policies
  • Precocity
  • Enrichment programs
  • Positive psychology
  • Transitions and lifelong development
  • K. Anders Ericsson (Florida State University, U.S.A)
  • Albert Ziegler (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
  • África Borges (Universidad La Laguna, Espanha)
  • Dolores Valadez Sierra (Universidad de Guadalajara, México)
  • Dolores Prieto (Universidad de Murcia, Espanha)
  • Carmén Pomar (Universidad de Santiago de Compostela Espanha)
  • Zenita C. Guenther (CEDET/ASPATLavras, Brasil)
  • Marcelino Pereira (Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Daniela J. Pereira (Centro Hospitalar e Universitário de Coimbra, Portugal)
  • Sara Bahia (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)
The submission of communication proposals to the Organizing Committee, posteriorly evaluated by the Scientific Committee, can be done in three modalities:

Symposium – communication proposal organized by the proponents around a theme, a presentation or a publication, defined by the Organizing Committee and organized by a chairperson. The symposium may have a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 oral communications. Symposium participants should work together and prepare questions for discussion.
Free communication – communication proposal about an intervention program or a research project, ongoing or already completed, to be presented in panels prepared by the Organizing Committee.
Poster – communication proposal about an intervention program or a research project, ongoing or already completed, to be visually displayed in simultaneous sessions. Posters should have as maximum measures 1.20cm (height) by 0.90cm (width).

The abstracts of proposals must be sent by email to and should meet the following requirements:
Size – up to 400 words.
Type of proposal: Symposium, free or poster communication.
Structure – title, authors and organizational affiliation, country, email contacts, keywords (up to 5).
Format – font Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5.

Language – must be sent in the applicant’s native language and in English (mandatory).
Each presentation should be no longer than 10 minutes, with 20 minutes reserved for discussion and input.

Early registration – until 29th February ‘18
Late registration – after 29th February ‘18
Submission of abstracts – 8th April ‘18
Confirmation of acceptance of the communication proposal – 22nd April ‘18
Sending full text for publication in the journal Sobredotação (Giftedness) – 8th May, 2018

The paper to be published in the journal “Giftedness”, should follow APA standards and be drafted in the following format: .doc format, font Times New Roman, font size 12, spacing 1.5. The articles cannot exceed 15 pages, already included tables, figures and references (tables and figures should be incorporated throughout the text). The texts must be sent, in editable text format (.doc), by email to

Early registration – until 29th February ‘18
Professionals – €60
Students (with presentation of student ID card or similar document) and ANEIS members – 20€
Professionals of local schools and/or institutions – €25

Late registration – after 29th February ‘18
Professionals – €75
Students (with presentation of student ID card or similar document) and ANEIS members – €35
Professionals of local schools and/or institutions – €40

Bank transfer:

Crédito Agrícola – Nine – Vila Nova de Famalicão
NIB: 0045-1282-4027-6709-1704-9
IBAN: PT50-0045-1282-4027-6709-1704-9


BURGUS Tribute & Design Hotel
President: Alberto Rocha (ANEIS, Portugal)

Cristina Palhares (ANEIS, Portugal)
Marcelino Pereira (ANEIS, Portugal & Univ. de Coimbra)
Leandro S. Almeida (ANEIS, Portugal & Univ. do Minho)
Sara Bahia (ANEIS, Portugal & Univ. de Lisboa)
Feliciano H. Veiga (ANEIS, Portugal & Univ. de Lisboa)
Helena Fonseca (ANEIS, Portugal)
Ana Almeida (ANEIS, Porto)
Catarina Figueiredo (ANEIS, Porto)
Jerónimo Maia (ANEIS, Porto)
Maria Tavares (ANEIS, Braga)
Luís Silva (ANEIS, Braga)
Carlos Gonçalves (ANEIS, Braga)
Carla Paiva (ANEIS, Braga)
Flávia Alves (ANEIS, Braga)
Ana Beiramar (ANEIS, Braga)
Susana Inverno (ANEIS,Braga)

Adelinda Candeias (Univ. de Évora); Alberto Rocha (ANEIS, Portugal); África Borges (Univ. de La Laguna, Espanha); Ana Antunes (Univ. da Madeira); Ana Cristina Almeida (Univ. de Coimbra); Carlos F. Silva (Univ. de Aveiro); Carmen Carmen Ferrándiz (Univ. de Murcia, Espanha); Carmen Pomar (Univ. de Santiago de Compostela, Espanha); Cristina Costa Lobo (Univ. Portucalense); Dolores Valadez Sierra (Univ. de Guadalajara, México); Ema Oliveira (Univ. da Beira Interior); Fátima Morais (Univ. do Minho); Fátima Simões (Univ. da Beira Interior); Feliciano Veiga (Univ. de Lisboa); Filomena Ponte (Univ. Católica Portuguesa); Glória Franco (Univ. da Madeira); Helena Rodrigues (Univ. Nova de Lisboa); Isabel Alberto (Univ. de Coimbra); José F. Cruz (Univ. do Minho); Leandro S. Almeida (Univ. do Minho); Lúcia Miranda (Univ. da Madeira); Luísa Faria (Univ. do Porto); Marcelino Pereira (Univ. de Coimbra); Margarida Pocinho (Univ. da Madeira); María Dolores Prieto (Univ. de Murcia, Espanha); Maria João Seabra-Santos (Univ. de Coimbra); Mário Simões (Univ. de Coimbra); Marta Sáinz (Univ. de Murcia, Espanha); Mercedes Ferrando (Univ. de Múrcia, Espanha); Pedro Rosário (Univ. do Minho); Rosario Bermejo (Univ. de Murcia, Espanha); Sara Bahia (Universidade de Lisboa); Sara Ibérico (Univ. Lusófona); Sónia Ferreira (Univ. de Coimbra); Zenita C. Guenther (CEDET/ASPAT, Brasil).





FLYER – [ pdf ]

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